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           WEB FILTERING


URL filtering is a valuable tool for ensuring a safe, policy-compliant office or learning environment without impeding access to useful websites and applications. For today’s organizations, web filtering solutions should include more than basic URL filtering; they need to integrate flexible controls that enforce regulatory and organizational policies and prevent access to inappropriate content. The growth of encrypted SSL traffic requires solutions that inspect and decrypt content without impacting network performance, ensuring accurate filtering and control of all traffic and user activity. The best web filters also provide base-level protection from malware and other security threats.

Ensures Policy and Regulatory Compliance/Legal Liability
Control content and website functions, such as commenting or sharing, at a detailed level, and set policies that enforce and prove compliance with regulations.

Inspects and Manages Increasing SSL Web Traffic
Get in-depth visibility into encrypted SSL traffic at multi-gigabit speeds to ensure appropriate user activity and policy control.

Protects Mobile Users
Extend the same enterprise-grade policy-based control and security to smartphones, tablets and laptops at any location, whether user-owned (BYOD), company-provided or school-issued.

Controls Policies at a Granular Level and Improves User Productivity
Allow users to access the helpful websites and applications they need to work quickly and effectively without jeopardizing data or exposing them to dangerous content.

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