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Integrated Security is Effective Security

ContentKeeper provides multiple layers of complementary technologies that detect, identify, analyze and prevent attacks on your network infrastructure. Highly cost-effective, easy to scale, manage and use - our platform protects your work environment from advanced malware threats, ensures compliance, and controls acceptable use policies across desktops, mobile devices, and remote offices.

Provides Multi-Layered Approach to Security
Prevent malware and advanced persistent threats with a combination of powerful technologies, including Streaming Malware Defense, Predictive Malware Blocking, a Behavioral Analysis Engine and Cloud Sandboxing.

Speeds Analysis and Detection
Streaming Malware Defense and Predictive Malware Blocking scan and analyze files in milliseconds.

Automates Security
Predictive Malware Defense analyzes files and classifies them as good or bad, reducing  further analytical processing.

Forensic Malware Reporting
Generate in-depth, instant reports that show the types of malware prevented and how they were detected.

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