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As attractive targets for cybercriminals, mobile devices introduce significant malware threats when connecting to an organization’s Wi-Fi and networks from behind the gateway or in the cloud. Despite this, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices are crucial for productivity and collaboration among students, workers, customers and partners.

To allow mobility without compromising security, organizations require scalable solutions that prevent advanced threats, control policies and identify users accurately, ensuring user accountability and extending the same enterprise-grade protection to mobile and onsite users.

Identifies Users Accurately
Ensure user accountability and policy management through accurate identification and reporting on individual user activities.

Manages BYOD
Reduce the risk of malware attacks and other threats via smartphones, tablets and laptops through enterprise-grade security, which isolates compromised devices for automatic quarantine.

Deploys Easily

Simplify the deployment and use of web security across an organization, including mobile devices, through one web-based management console.

Increases Productivity and Improves Policy Management

Control policies and access to websites and apps, including specific functions such as commenting and sharing, on any device, while allowing the use of valuable web tools.

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