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Comprehensive web security should include robust, in-depth reporting that summarizes security events and threats, while delivering visibility into user activity. ContentKeeper’s ReportCentral solution consolidates reporting across an organization, analyzing threats and web use to help management make informed decisions and prove compliance. Easy to customize, reports can be generated in real time on a pre-scheduled or ad-hoc basis and in various formats. Our reporting solution integrates seamlessly with our Secure Internet Gateway and Web Filter Pro products, processing terabytes of Internet data rapidly.

Scales Easily
ReportCentral scales seamlessly as web traffic and data volumes increase.


Simplifies Reporting and Policy Decisions
Generate comprehensive reports instantly from one easy-to-use solution that enables administrators and managers to make informed decisions.

Ensures Compliance through Investigative Reporting
Detailed forensic reporting and analysis of user behavior and malware threats helps control activity that jeopardizes data, risking user safety and regulatory compliance.

Monitors Web Activity Comprehensively
Whether users access the web from the office, at home or on the road, ReportCentral monitors and reports on activities on any device and connection.

ContentKeeper ReportCentral
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